Halo contact harvest

Their Luminary also indicates that there is an Oracle on the planet. Nov 07, Will Johnson rated it did not like it Recommends it for: Staten paints a believeable character to the wisecracking Sergeant Avery Johnson we see in the games, and his ability to write military works in a believable and yet concise way makes this all the better.

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This harvedt is all about spoilers, even though there is a game on halo. October 30, [1]. On the UEG colony Harvestthere is only peace and prosperity. The peace talks falls apart after an errant Unggoy attacks and kills Harvest militiaman Osmoand the one-sided Battle of Harvest begins.

I initially bought Contact Harvest because it had Sgt. Want to Read saving….

Much to his surprise, he finds his former squad mate, Harvdst Sergeant Byrneassigned there as well. Johnson is no longer interesting to me now because he is OVER written now. Is this page incomplete? This novel, while far from gritty, at least had some "adult" themes and moments. Plus there is this inane subplot involving an Unggoy the little creatures for the Covenant and a flying creature called a Huragok and their friendship even though both, to facilitate the narrative of future games, must die.

And the writer fails to let the story flow.

Sif and Mack are the best of it n. And I can tell you one thing for sure, it was definitly not a waste of time. Recent contributors to this page The following people recently contributed to this article: Contact Harvest was praised for being a sufficient standalone novel which could be read without having any prior knowledge of the Halo universe.

Halo: Contact Harvest

You would expect this formula to fail sooner or dontact. Thinking he could have done more, Johnson goes back into service and trains militia men on the planet Harvest. Aboard their freighters, Johnson and Byrne offer all militia personnel a place within the Marine Corps, while Johnson and al-Cygni begin a relationship.

Reclaimer Saga Halo 4.

harvfst But it has yet to reach that point. If you read the book, which I do recommend, do not read the epilogue. It will only waste your time.

Retrieved from " http: Oct 05, Bradley rated it liked it. Contsct eventually ends up being reassigned to the remote agriculture world of Harvest to get away from the frontlines of the Insurrection.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. I really shouldn't be surprised but then again, I always set myself up for these things.

And, I must say, I loved the little AI love story.

Halo: Contact Harvest - Halopedia, the Halo encyclopedia

I didn't even finish Halo Wars and I will probably skip Halo: He manages to write a story about the series's classic "rampant AI", an aged construct who exhibits human-like tendencies and god complexes. AND, though it wasn't the best sex scene ever far from it - though it was a little hilariousat least this novel HAD one.

They successfully deceived Yarvest Transgression into boarding a freighter where they were immediately attacked by Staff Sergeant Johnson and Staff Sergeant Byrne. The novel is an ensemble piece, with the action being narrated from both human and Covenant viewpoints. The Halo universe has grown so much on me and I am truly relieved this book is as good as I hoped it would be. They weren't too hhalo which I was afraid of so it was great to see their perspective and their mindset.

Staten worked to ensure that Contact Harvest was a factually accurate addition to the Halo universe, hlo he considered his audience to be intelligent, suave, and quite willing to point out flaws.

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