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If our Sun discharged a huge ball of plasma toward us, it would have dire consequences for Earth, including life and humanity, as the surface of the planet would be literally fried by the incoming electric currents. I warn the reader, however, that the autho This is a science book addressing influences on the earth from solar disturbances, mainly. Forgotten Civilization is a very well written book that not only reflects an excellent scientific research into the origins of civilization but also is highly entertaining and most enjoyable to read. I think that Graham Hancock, Andrew Collins, Robert Schoch, and other researchers and authors have adequately explained the cause of the Younger Dryas ice age, that began in BCE, as being caused by a comet impacting the northern hemisphere of earth, but speculation of what caused the end of it, about BCE, always appeared to be a pretty weak arguments to me. Read more about this book.

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Schoch has stated that he believes psychokinesis and telepathy to potentially be real.

Oct 01, David Elkin rated it really liked it. Combining evidence from multiple sc Building upon his revolutionary theory that the Sphinx dates back much further than BCE, geologist Robert Schoch reveals scientific evidence of advanced civilization predating ancient Egypt, Sumeria, and Greece, as well as the catastrophe that destroyed it nearly 12, years ago and what its legacy can teach us about our own future.

A lot of pages written that did not delve into the "earlier civilization" issue.

That said his warnings about solar radiation, corona mass ejections, magnetic fields and such are valid in my opinion. I am familiar with the works of the Electric Universe people, the plasma experiments and work with ancient petrogyphs from Dr.

I civi,ization recommend buying, reading and sharing this book with others, as its revelations challenge out-dated theories and instead offer something much more mysterious and exciting about the history of human civilization.

Robert M. Schoch

Schoch and John Anthony West and they truly inspired me to really think about our past. However, he then interprets it to suit his goal. In it, he surprises and inspires while steadily revealing evidence of an unknown chapter in human history. Your Cart items Cart total.

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Submissions Contact Us About Us. Robert Fivilization and Forgotten Civilization. Forgotten Civilization takes the reader to places that we think we know, but exposes them in a light we've never seen before.

It deserves this honor. For instance, I can tune in to my Cosmic CoAuthors and say, yes, of course Atlantis and other advanced civilizations predated our written history on Earth, and of course our civilizstion system and our planet are affected by energetic outpourings from the center of the galaxy, planned and time by greater Minds than our own.

Forgotten Civilization: The Role of Solar Outbursts in Our Past and Future by Robert M. Schoch

It was the calm before the storm. Thanks for still being on the air.

Systems and Solutions 5 ed. Join Us On Facebook! With this book, Robert Schoch delivers the findings of over two and a half decades of scientific work. I noticed that there are a lot of fivilization, and Schoch has the proof to some of the sleeping prophet's ethereal messages!

But you know there is something to worry about when the book's appendixes, which go on and on and on and on, are more interesting than the book itself. It was exciting to read about the ancient technology and feats of such distant ancient cultures and have the accepted timeline reevaluated into a context that makes sense.

Feb 12, Wendell Cooper rated it liked it. I got as far as the part of psychokinesis needing to be taken seriously as a form of moving stones around, and gave up. But to him, such an approximation could mean, or even Become one of them and join us in our quest for knowledge I guess I rated it stronger because it ended on a high note.

I am not convinced but it certainly is a topic worth studying and pondering. Combining evidence from multiple scientific disciplines, Schoch shows how the last ice age ended abruptly in BCE due to coronal mass ejections from the Sun. Be the first to ask a question about Forgotten Civilization.

Divilization Civilization distills all that has happened since into a simple conclusion: He also draws in the work of other leading-edge scientists from numerous discplines to back up his theories and to fairly evaluate others, never stooping so low as to dismiss them out of hand as so many do. Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology.

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