Ethics cahn 5th edition

Oxford University Press , - Philosophy - pages. Read, highlight, and take notes, across web, tablet, and phone. History, Theory, and Contemporary Issues. Epicurus Letter to Menoeceus Leading Doctrines 4.

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Spanning 2, years of ethical theory, the first part,Historical Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford.

Ethics: History, Theory, and Contemporary Issues - Google Books

In the third part, Contemporary Moral Problems, the readings present the current debates over abortion, euthanasia, famine relief, animal rights, ethids, and the use of torture in interrogations,as well as essays on death and the meaning of life. The discussion of utilitarianism, Kantianism, egoism, and relativism continues in the work of major contemporary philosophers, while landmark selections reflect concern with moral language and the justification of morality.

James Rachels Active and Passive Euthanasia Joseph Butler Fifteen Sermons selections One-third of the selections are authored by women. Person, Polis, Planet David Schmidtz. Scanlon Contractualism and Utilitarianism Judith Jarvis Thomson Turning the Trolley Gilbert Harman The Nature of Morality selections Spanning 2, years of ethical theory, the first part,Historical Sources, ranges from ancient Greece to the twentieth century.

Ethics - Steven M. Cahn; Peter Markie - Oxford University Press

Most recently, he wrote From Student to Scholar: Aristotle Nicomachean Ethics selections 3. Inclusive Ethics Ingmar Persson.

David Gauthier Why Contractarianism? Cahn and Peter Markie. Choose your country or region Close. Henry Shue Edituon Wherever possible, each reading is printed in its entirety.

Edtiion Camus The Myth of Sisyphus selections My library Help Advanced Book Search. Rosalind Hursthouse Virtue Theory and Abortion Thomas Hobbes Leviathan selections 9. CahnPeter J. He is the author or editor of more than fifty books.

Peter Singer Famine, Affluence, and Morality Fitzpatrick, University of Rochester. The second part, Modern Ethical Theory, includes many of the most important essays of the past century. editiom

Richard Taylor The Meaning of Life. It moves from classical thought through medieval views to modern theories, culminating with leading nineteenth- and twentieth-century thinkers. Academic Skip to main content.

Moore Principia Ethica selections Thomas Aquinas Summa Contra Gentiles selections 8. The sixth edition adds study questions after each reading in fdition to help students delve more deeply into each work and also features eight new selections and expanded introductions.

A Companion Website at www. Bernard Williams A Critique of Utilitarianism

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