Scra question paper

Magnitude and direction of a vector, equal vectors, unit vector, zero vector, vectors in two and three dimensions, position vector. Graphical representation - Histogram, frequency polygon - examples. And workout the problems from the previous papers,which have been attached.

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The standard of answers to questions should be as expected of students of standard 12 or equivalent. Studying abroad- Learn from the Experts!

Link to download the last 5 years question papers of SCRA?

Vectors and its applications: Idea of a Group, Order of a Group, Abelian group. Types of Questions and Marking Scheme Questions on the test are objective multiple choice answer questions in English. Last 15 years question papers of SCRA exam?

For wrong answers receive a negative marking. Concept of a set, Union and Intersection of sets, Complement of a set, Null set, Apper set and Power set, Venn diagrams and simple applications. The papers in all the subjects will consist of Objective multiple choice answer Type questions only.

To prepare for General english you must try to make you knowledge in vocabulary large.

Previous question papers for postal assistant exam? Get academic examination results for boards, universities, entrance exams pan India. Is SCRA a very tough exam? How to prepare for SCRA exam? Random experiment, outcomes and associated sample space, events, mutually exclusive and exhaustive events, impossible and certain ;aper.

Part I Written examination carrying a maximum of marks in the subjects as shown below. What is the date of the exam? Equation of a circle in standard and in general form, equations of tangent and normal at a point, orthogonality of two cricles. The questions will be all questkon choice types and will be set in English only.

SCRA Exam Pattern

Previous years question paper of the exam? The details about the written exam part I is given below. Physical Life sciences paper Last 5 years question papers of SCRA exam?

For scra ,my maths is weak,how to prepare maths for this level. Get all your queries answered in-depth, along with important document templates! Candidates must write the answers in their own hand. Graphical representation - Histogram, frequency polygon - qiestion.

SCRA Question Papers - SCRA Interview Questions and Answers updated on Nov

Identitiy and inverse elements-Illustration by simple questio. Also prepare for general intelligence. Elementary theorems on probability - simple problems.

You can download previous years question papers of SCRA exam from following links: Subject Application Forms Now Available. Best viewed in resolution X with Mozilla Firefox version 3.

And be update with current affairs. Guessing may not be advantageous, as you will be marked down for any wrong answers.

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