Tintin and the blue lotus

Fang develops a cure for Rajaijah, while Wang adopts Chang as his son. He had Thomson and Thompson dress in what they perceived as traditional Chinese costume, as Mandarins , only to stand out in stark contrast to the actual clothing worn in China. You are commenting using your Twitter account. In , Shanghai Express had its first screening in Europe.

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My favourite album with all the colour and intrigue of the Orient! Despite the harsh lessons he has learned, the young boy is so flabbergasted by the common misconceptions of the Chinese that Tintin gintin, he bursts out laughing.

You are tinttin using your WordPress. Tintin is captured by Mitsuhirato and is to be injected the Rajaijah poison, but blhe a near escape when he was aided by one of the members from "The Sons lotu the Dragon," who had infiltrated Mitsuhirato's house earlier and switched the poison for colored water. In Cigars of the PharaohTintin pursued an international group of drug distributors through the Middle East and India. At times it has a desolate quality, as Tintin finds himself alone in the vastness of China, the most populous country in the world.

Wang Chen-yee completes the heartfelt moment with elegant words steeped in Asian spirit. Tintin will never forget his new friend. Their leader, Wang Chen-Yeeexplains to Tintin that Mitsuhirato is both a Japanese spy and an opium smuggler, and enlists Tintin in their fight to stop him. He nevertheless thought that these accusations "stupidly" missed "the point of the story", which was to counter widespread racist attitudes toward East Asians among Belgians.

Blue Lotus Nightclub.jpg

He just had the time to tell him that someone going by the name of Mitsuhirato wants to meet him in Shanghai. He was heavily influenced by tinyin close friend Zhang Chongrena Chinese student studying in Belgium, and the work both satirises common European misconceptions about China as well as criticising the actions of the Japanese invaders.

This website requires cookies bblue provide all of its features. In any other series, and — perhaps — later in this one, the conversation might seem heavy-handed or ham-fisted. It's just a problem for Asia! He finally took up her offer invisiting her on the island of Taiwan.

Following the spy, he discovers him blowing up a Chinese railway.

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Outlaw King Putting a lot of Sloth into it: A Loyus tells him that an enemy who he thinks is dead plans revenge and someone with yellow skin, black hair and glasses wants to kill him.

Notify me of new posts via email. Travelling to Hukow with the ransom money for Fang, Tintin comes across a flood that has destroyed a village and rescues a young Chinese orphan, Chang Chong-Chen.

This book is one of the best adventures Tintin goes on, recommend this and the cigars of the pharaoh seeing as they are a pair to anyone.

You are commenting using your Twitter anf. Oxford and New York: Assouline, Pierre []. Meanwhile in Shanghai, Tintin meets Mitsuhiratoa Japanese businessman, who urges him to return to India as soon as he can and protect his friend the Maharajah of Gaipajama.

It was with The Blue Lotus that I discovered a whole new world.? InJapan occupied Northeast China. The dragon The dragon possesses awesome powers, and is traditionally associated with protection and warding off evil spirits, in a similar tintun to the gothic gargoyles of past times.

City of Doodlecastle was renamed the S. He immediately set out to incorporate as much of the information he was learning from his young Chinese tinrin into his artwork and narrative.

The Blue Lotus

Enter your email below and we will send you your password:. Meanwhile, the detectives Thomson and Thompson are employed by Dawson to arrest Tintin, but fail on multiple occasions. Andrew's Abbey near Bruges. Cigars of the Pharaoh

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