Astm d974

The output is plotted and analyzed to determine the inflection of the test method. High speed thermal dot printing. ICS Number Code Because the oil sample is a specific size, the burette has been scaled to indicate the AN.

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ASTM D - 04 Standard Test Method for Acid and Base Number by Color-Indicator Titration

Jacobs Named Gill Award Winner. Linear trends are e974 some ester-based synthetics and oils going through oxidation. In a next-to-ideal world, only accuracy would be provided. Advantages and Disadvantages Repeatability ASTM defines repeatability as "the difference between d9974 test results obtained by the same operator with the same apparatus under constant operating conditions on identical test material". Proceed automatic checking when breakdown occurs and is available to store groups testing data.

D Repeatability from ASTM Standard Modified Tests AN tests are typically conducted to obtain an accurate indication of additive depletion and possible contamination of ingressed acids.

Note 1—In new and used oils, the constituents considered to have acidic characteristics include organic and inorganic acids, esters, phenolic compounds, lactones, resins, salts of heavy metals, and addition agents such as inhibitors and detergents. Medium-Sized Gear Machining Company. A wstm in the acid concentration of an oil can originate from multiple sources. Some additives are weakly acidic and can elevate the oil's initial AN. Acidic contaminants, wrong oil, alkaline-reserve depletion and oxidation by-products can cause an increase in acid concentration.

Oils, such as many cutting oils, rustproofing oils, and similar compounded oils, or excessively dark-colored oils, that cannot be analyzed for acid number by this test method due to obscurity of the color-indicator end point, can be analyzed by Test Method D No general correlation is known between acid number and the corrosive tendency of oils toward metals.

As the lubricant ages these additives deplete, thereby reducing the acidity created by the additives.

By trending results from one aatm test method, additive depletion and contamination can be detected. The pH test method is useful in applications where corrosive oil could cause considerable damage. By focusing on the precision of one lab or test procedure, a trend emerges.

Throughput, or speed, is important to larger laboratories because it is necessary to find the fastest test that does not sacrifice quality. Toggle navigation Toggle search. The AN measurement detects both weak organic acids and strong inorganic acids. This change is based on the fact that AN tests do not detect x974 total acid concentration of the lubricant. The acid concentration of the lubricant contains both strong and weak components.

ASTM D974 Fully Automatic Diesel Oil Acidity Tester (ACD-3000I)

We are a sci-tech enterprise and integrate development, design and manufacture. Within 7 working days. The cost of this standard test slate needs to be affordable for the end user; therefore, each individual test performed may need to be streamlined to ensure both quality and economy are achieved. Awtm 2—This test method is not suitable for measuring the basic constituents of many basic additive-type lubricating oils.

To prepare the sample a mixture of toluene, isopropyl alcohol and water is dissolved into a sample. Quality labs will likely have a correlation to the ASTM standard; unfortunately, this would also incorporate more error.

Automatic change-over and testing between six sample cups is convenient for parallel comparison of acid value testing results. AN does not directly measure the rate of oxidation, it merely measures the by-product axtm oxidation.

Salts react if their hydrolysis constants are larger aetm 10 9. A good lab should be able to tell how reliable its modified version is. The average AN result from a laboratory will likely be from a modified test method. China cut test China pregnancy test kit China 16 tests. Test Method D can be used for this purpose. AN tests can be broken up into two titration categories: Raw Materials On Stock.

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