Paris 1919 margaret macmillan

One hundred thousand Belgians were packed into boxcars and shipped off to forced labor in Germany. Characters, countries and their different aims and outcomes, geographic determinations and overlaps, unfold according to geography, but also read as seamlessly plotted, such that a subsequent chapter relies on necessary information introduced in a former. I was fascinated to hear about the sad tale of the little country of Albania, its line-on-a-map birth and the hapless German prince who was put in charge of it before the war and the laughably terrible way its fate was sorted out later. And I had not really understood that the treaty involved so such more than just the assessment of reparations to be taken from Germany; there were so many competing and contradictory claims by virtually every other European country as well as China and Japan, the carving-up of what remained of the Turkish empire, the spoils of the African colonies and of course divvying-up of the Middle East.

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I think the point is to follow through the diplomatic and political wrangling behind the decisions, but often there's also a great deal of general information which is already staggeringly well known, in a general sort of way.

Austria was aligned with Germany and France aligned with Russia.

Book Review: 'Paris ' by Margaret MacMillan

I highly recommend it. This book is never boring, but does such a great job encapsulating not just the six months that went into the Paris Peace Conference but the six months that might just have been the most impactful months of the entire 20th century. The French are driven by fear of Germany and their perceived necessity to dismantle it, disable it or at least divide it up.

The others listened politely to Wilson's homespun Southern jokes and ventured their own.

True, he was a head of state sitting on a slightly higher chair to emphasize the point while the others were not; but it was his personality and fervent convictions that gave him pre-eminence. Her book has already won many prizes, and it deserves them all.

Paris 1919

Oct 20, Brendan Monroe rated it it was amazing Shelves: Again, Wilson was viewed as the ultimate sell-out on this point. Of course Big Four Mqrgaret.

What did Paris do? Of these three, Wilson looms largest. There were dozens of countries and delegations paeis, trying to achieve any number of things.

Peering into the lives of these four men and their apparent infallibility, we see just how human they are. The driving forces in Paris were the leaders of the victorious triumvirate of America, Great Britain, and France: Six Months that Changed the World" is a book with purpose.

Unfortunately, some compromises resulted in national borders that had no good ethnic or geographical reasons. Those who opposed him were not just wrong but wicked… There are many reasons to dislike Wilson.

Clemenceau's realpolitik was macmil,an comprehensible. Self-determination was ignored when dividing the spoils in Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. A fascinating history lesson for buffs or novices alike, "Paris " recounts--in always interesting but sometimes overly exposed detail--the Paris Peace Conference and how it shaped the broken European landscape and indeed, much of the world after The War to End All Wars.

Lawrence of Arabia joined the Arab delegation. In other parts of the world, the death of the Ottoman Empire saw the pris of the Middle East, including the creation of Iraq. As a major explanation for what went wrong inMacMillan focuses on the rise of nationalism that was spreading around the world like wildfire.

Paris 1919: Six Months That Changed the World

Quotes from Paris Secondly, there were marbaret poor editing issues. Details the conflicting promises in Palestine nicely. More often, they were fueled by greed or grudges, by a desire for power.

They know about the stab-in-the-back myth, the restrictions on military buildup, and on the reparations payments. What peace conference lasts for six months and has virtually all of the leaders of all of the major pars in the world attending for the whole time?

Macmillan portrays the peace treaty and new arbitrary national boundaries as the outcome of negotiations by ill prepared self-serving politicians who could not see the impact of their decisions on a rapidly changing world.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Had the conference achieved a different and fairer outcome, the historical wisdom goes, the World would have been spared the horrors of a second, far more destructive, Global conflict and the subsequent Cold War, the consequences of which still shape Geopolitics today.

If there was a problem with the deals emerging, it seems Wilson would wave it away with the idea the League of Nations would fix it. Download our Spring Fiction Sampler Now.

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