Trastorno desintegrativo infantil

Morphological study of neocortical areas in Rett syndrome. Avenida Antonio Carlos, Bishop DV, Rosenbloom L.

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A Review of technology-based interventions to teach academic skills to students with autism spectrum disorder. Integrating preschool children with autism with their normally developing peers: Semantic and pragmatic impairments in children.

Echolalia's types in children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

A controlled study of formal thought disorder in children with autism and multiple complex developmental disorders. Educational Psychology in Practice, Philadelphia, v. Parents's first concerns of their child's development in toddlers with autism spectrum disorders. Am J Med Genet.

The differential diagnosis of impaired reciprocal social interaction in children: Elsabbagh M, Johnson MH. Ad-Dab'bagh Y, Greenfield B. Nosological and genetic aspects of Asperger syndrome.

Comportamentos, interesses e atividades estereotipadas: Recreational participation of children with high functioning autism. The neuropsychology of autism. From categorization to classification: Diseases of the nervous system: Schwartzman Conflito de interesses: Use of songs to promote independence in morning greeting routines for young children with autism. Neuropsychology of language, reading and spelling.

J Child Adolesc Psychopharmacol. A abordagem de tratamento deve ser multidisciplinar. Physical factors to maximise effectiveness. Educational and Child Trastofno, Reino Unino, v. Autism by other name?

Fitting in tips for promoting acceptance and friendships for students with autism spectrum disorders in inclusive classrooms. Definition, syndromes, and major features. Strategies to promote prosocial behaviours.

Comparing cognitive outcomes among children with autism spectrum disorders receiving community-based early intervention in one of three placements. International Journal of Psychology, Inglaterra, v. Focus on autism and other developmental disabilities, Austin, v. Behavior modification, Thousand Oaks, v.

Intervention in School and Clinic, Austin, v. Services on Demand Journal. Services on Demand Journal.

Check out this article to learn more or contact your system administrator. Special education versus inclusive education: Os 92 trabalhos localizados foram divididos em seis grupos:

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