Feynman six easy pieces

Adapted from the undergraduate lectures delivered by Richard Feynman during his professorship at Caltech, the narrative is very talkative and easy to digest. Jul 16, Alcatraz Dey rated it really liked it. However, to be "approximately accurate about everything" means a bunch of math and other fancy-pants equations that look like this: For more about Caltech visit www.

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This book is not really about Feynman, rather it is six chapters excised out of a two-year course of physics lectures he gave at CalTech in the mid 60s. He comes across as someone who knew his subject matter inside out, who had boundless energy and complete self-confidence, and who wanted to stretch the minds of his students. The most interesting preface is the one written by Feynman himself for the original edition, in which he talks about how he set about piecing the course together, who it was aimed at and why, and how ultimately he felt that he had let his students down in some way.

You would never become truly knowledgeable on any of these topics with only this small of an overview. Sep 06, Laoonatic rated it it was amazing. The third way to tell whether our ideas are right is relatively crude but probably the most powerful of them all.

Nevertheless, not everything has changed in 50 years and some lectures are as relevant today as they were then. He discusses briefly the chart that is being produced with all of the elementary particles that we know of at the present time.

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He also explains and shows that horizontal motion is entirely independent of vertical motion. Apr 20, Connie Kuntz rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Addison-Wesley published a collection of exercises and problems to accompany The Feynman Lectures on Physics. Feynman was fdynman professor of physics at Caltech from to In these lectures, Feynman is very good at explaining some basic concepts for those fairly new to physics. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

To piecess a device-independent reading experience, the website takes advantage of modern web technologies like HTML5SVGand MathJax to present text, figures, and equations in any sizes while maintaining the display quality.

I just love it. The Heisenberg Uncertainty principle is related to this electron experiment and is discussed as to how it relates to everything in the universe.

Six Easy Pieces: Essentials of Physics By Its Most Brilliant Teacher

This book is a brilliant way to broaden your knowledge of the key concepts of physics. Jun 03, Roy Lotz rated it really liked it Shelves: We must, therefore, limit ourselves to the more basic question of the rules of the game.

Their broad remit means they touch on lots of different things, with one astonishing idea thrown in after the other. Among some of the elements seen in Six Easy Pieces:.

While Feynman presents them in a way that is fairly labeled brilliant, there are many physics teachers and professors who could give you an excellent understanding of the same material and it's not too hard to find some online. Nothing that you need to fear: For field theory, he uses the analogy of waves in a pool to show how motion in one place affects motion in piecez distant place. The book also includes chapters on the pisces between mathematics and physicsand the relationship of physics to other sciences.

W Note to reader: I think it is very rare for someone to be not only brilliant but also a wonderful teacher. Feynman readily agreed to give the course, though only once. He compares the behavior of "lumps" to the behavior of "waves" before moving on to the behavior of electrons Every once in a while something like castling is going on that we still do not understand.

Book Review on Six Easy Pieces; by Richard P. Feynman | The Ohio State University at Lima

We are electing 6 moderators and 2 alternatives to serve in Which is why I think rather than a book it would've been better if I just read lectures on the topics that interest me.

His lectures were very popular at the time and whilst aimed at undergraduates, it wasn't uncommon for graduate physics students to infiltrate his classes; the one thing Feynman could be assured of was a full house each time he came to teach this course.

I've been studying both maths and physics for quite some time, but in the manner of a poorly prepared educational system, meaning the focus was more on solving problems and ingesting pages of theory and less on really understanding them. To ask other readers questions about Six Easy Piecesplease sign up.

Besides being a physicist, he was at various times a repairer of radios, a picker piecs locks, an artist, a dancer, a bongo player, and even a decipherer feeynman Mayan Hieroglyphics.

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