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That fucker's my boss in name only. This is where he starts to play silly buggers. Guilt, ultimately, is the least of his problems.

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He must have heard them coming, at that time of night you'd be bound to hear people on these steps.

Anything in a skirt will do. The other is that there's a nasty tapeworm in his gut and ircine seems intent on having its say As an archetype, Robertson is over the top. Filth by Irvine Welsh. She's wearing a long, brown skirt which is too thick to see the pant line through, ivrine a checked blouse and a fawn and brown striped cardigan. There's plenty of twists in this to keep the reader entertained, and Welsh includes some typically humourous bits.

At a certain point in the book, the narrative starts to be interrupted by a tube-like structure that appears on top of the text, and at first is only made of the word "eat" being repeated amid the zeros that fill the empty space within the tube.

We suspect that he lives in the London area but there is at present no positive identification.

How does it make you feel? Filth is a masterpiece Filth is not the kind of thriller to keep you guessing to the last page. Indeed, once onstage, Burn shows no trace at all of the beneficent actor from Leith who fights for equality and peace. Apart from the general malevolent scheming, along the way Bruce Robertson also seeks to satisfy his cravings for violence, drugs, sex, and pornography whilst happily voicing his racism, anti-Catholic sectarianismand misogynyall the while pining for his ex-wife.

Thieving, rape, drugs. And that's just the police

And how Bruce and the tapeworm slowly were submerging until the tapeworm got louder until both ineviteablye died was filht in the overall feeling of human waste taking over. The media sensitive murder investigation of a black tourist might cause some trouble, but that's not going to stop him enjoying his week holiday of drinking and whoring in the 'Dam! He is just so reprehensible and disgusting, and that's before we get onto the rash on his cock or the welh growing in his stomach.

He makes Tartuffe and Richard III look like a couple of petulant schoolboys playing tricks on their neighbours. This page was last edited on 24 Julyat He's trying to speak now. And when you're in the job, you look out at life through that distorted lens. Feb 22, Lawrence rated it did not like it. Reading this is like fast iflth on a nightmare where the irvkne ele "Same rules apply.

Filth | W. W. Norton & Company

Some people are so deranged, you just wesh take them seriously. That starts them chattering, too loudly for them to notice that my teeth are doing the same.

With huge issues and a ton of bad luck. Toal's so intae his ain shit though, he's totally oblivious tae all this.

Filth :: Books :: Irvine Welsh Official Website

Go read it, it's an excellent novel. Bruce is in line for a big promotion to DI, and will filt at nothing to get it. Promotion is in the offing, he's got all the booze and drugs he needs, and his various plots aimed at friends and colleagues seem to be working out.

The main reason is Bruce Robertson, the main character of "Filth".

The novel begins by introducing the murder of Efan Wurie, a case Bruce has been assigned. Robertson, like Hibs, is on the way down.

All of his novels are set in his native Scotland and wrlsh with anti-heroes, small time crooks and hooligans. In my adventures of reading modern fiction, I don't think I've ever come across such a horrible creation such as Bruce Robertson.

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