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These tests subject the unit to an environment of blowing sand and dust of specific particle sizes in which the unit must operate at the end of exposures. In , MET broke the UL monopoly for product safety testing and certification in the United States and is approved to certify products in over UL standard categories. These tests under humidity check the effects of high concentrations of humidity and the articles ability to withstand moisture effects. The norm defines the different temperature profiles under which the equipment must be tested. Up to four additional category designators are also used to indicate testing for:

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Equipment Categories There are three equipment Categories: These take into account the area that the equipment will be on the aircraft possible or expected flammable do-10gfault conditions, or high surface temperatures.

The designated test category for the EUT should correspond to the lightning strike zone in which the EUT will be installed on the aircraft. From environmental simulation to EMC testing, we are a rgca testing partner for every section of DO testing.

English China Korea Taiwan. Conducted susceptibility test levels are designated with the first category character and radiated susceptibility test levels with the second category character.

RTCA / DO & Aerospace Environmental Testing | Element

Usually combined with Vibration testing, Standard Operational Shock high or low frequency as well as Crash Safety impulse are performed on our electrodynamic shakers. Typically moisture sensitive devices have issues with this test and do-160y conformal coat or other types of protection.

During testing, a minimum of 50 voltage spikes are applied within 1 minute. This tests determine whether equipment material is adversely affected by fungi under conditions favorable for their development, namely, high humidity, warm atmosphere and presence of do-16g0 salts.

According to an Advisory Circular dated June 22, from the U. Equipment Category designation for Section 20 consists of two letters.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. There are five equipment Categories Y, Z, A, B, and C that apply to installation separation distances between the EUT and compass or compass sensor of less than 30 centimeters to more than centimeters.

RTCA DO-160 - Environmental Conditions and Test Procedures for Airborne Equipment

Entry August 1, This section covers equipment performance during high and low operating temperature do-160t. With a network of laboratories throughout the country, we can quickly process your request.

There are 6 equipment Categories B, L, M, H, P, and Q that indicate the location of the equipment and the separation between the equipment and aircraft antennas. We can help with the design and fabrication of your fixture if needed.

Through our educational resources, we keep you informed on essential regulatory requirements, changes, updates, and notices on a wide range of subjects across multiple industries, topics, and trends.

Aviation related fluids susceptibility including a variety of fluids ranging from carbonated sugared beverage to various cleaners and solvents. S2 is the most severe and is an actual Thermal Shock with as quick a transition from one extreme temperature to the other extreme temperature as possible. Equipment Categories There are three DC power equipment Categories R, B, and Z that indicate the type of power used by the equipment and the type of DC power source with which the rtva is compatible.

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This test determines whether equipment can withstand the effects of voltage spikes arriving at the equipment on its power leads, either AC or DC.

These tests subject the test article to an environment under vacuum, with a gaseous mixture of combustibles.

Our labs can provide RTCA DO testing for virtually every type of aircraft used today, from small aircraft and business jets to helicopters, regional jets and even doo-160g airliners. Operational shock verifies that equipment will continue to function after exposure to shocks experienced during normal aircraft operations.

RTCA DO - Environmental Conditions and Test Procedures for Airborne Equipment | TÜV SÜD UK

A, B, and C. Equipment Categories Category designations consist of five etca that describe the pin and cable test Waveform Sets and test levels. Categories A and B are intended for equipment located in fire zones engine and uses a large kerosene burner to simulate an aircraft engine fire.

This section of RTCA DO ensures that the unit does not emit radiofrequency interference in excess of accepted limits. Equipment Categories There are 21 categories associated with temperature and altitude. Condensing, Drip, Spray, and Continuous Stream Proof testing are performed on units while operating with tightly controlled unit and water temperatures.

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